Intense Productions, headed up by Chee Keong Cheung, is a critically acclaimed production and facilitation company based in the UK.

We have developed, produced, consulted, advised and provided production services for over fifty productions, including
feature films, short films, documentaries and music videos, many of which have been critically acclaimed and
received international awards and nominations. We have worked with international filmmakers from the UK,
Ireland, America, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia, Norway and Greece.

Our ongoing commitment is to produce and facilitate diverse and innovative projects, combining both established & up and coming talent.

Intense Productions are currently in development on the action/horror ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, Executive Produced
by Carlos Gallardo (’El Mariachi’ trilogy) and Kevin Eastman (co-creator of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’).

Intense Distribution is a newly formed division of Intense Productions. We acquire UK rights on international feature films
and work closely with both established and up and coming Directors and Producers on the release of their films.

We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to bring the acclaimed horror/thriller BANSHEE CHAPTER,
written and directed by Blair Erickson and starring Ted Levine (‘The Silence of the Lambs’), Katia Winter
(‘Dexter’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’) and Michael McMillian (‘True Blood’) to audiences in the UK in January 2014.

'Banshee Chapter' is produced by Zachary Quinto’s Before The Door Pictures, Christian Arnold-Beutel
('Ironclad', 'The Ledge') and Sunchaser Entertainment.

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